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Moving a grand piano is a delicate and technical task. Trust the professionals to get the job done with proper equipment and experience.

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- Upright Pianos -

Whether you need your upright piano moved across your living room, or up 4 flights of stairs, we can do it safely and at a reasonable price.

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- Specialty Instruments -

From harps, to organs, drum sets, heavy speakers and much more, we have the equipment and knowledge to move any instrument safely and efficiently 

There are hundreds of factors that can affect the price of your piano move. Tell us as much as you can about the terrain so we can make your move as affordable as possible and give the most accurate quote


The type of piano - Is it a grand piano, a concert grand piano, an electric keyboard, a small upright, a tall upright? The type of piano determines first and foremost how many movers we'll need and the type of equipment required. How long is the piano and what is the height approximately?

The number of stairs - This is the biggest factor in the price and a major factor in the number of movers we'll need. Is it up one flight of stairs or two, are there only a few steps into the home, is there a turn in the staircase? How tight is the turn? Are the stairs concrete? Steel? Hardwood or carpet? Each material requires a different technique to move up.

Any tight or difficult turns - Is the entrance into your home or business open or is there a wall in the way that would require the piano to be tilted on its side to get through. Is the doorway wide enough without having to take off the door?

Types of terrain - Is there concrete, gravel, brick, grass or wood leading up to your home or business? Is your home floor tile, concrete, hardwood, laminate or carpet?




At the shortest end of the scale is Spinet Piano; about 36” - 40” high. Popular in small or difficult to access areas, such as apartments or attics.


The upright piano most often seen, the studio ranges from 43” to 47” high. Usually used for practise and educational purposes; most studio pianos have direct actions; with only grand pianos besting their efficiency and accuracy.


A little bigger than the spinet; the console is about 40” to 44” high. The console piano is usually characterized by a compact design that mimics furniture; and, if well made, can rival poor grand pianos in sound quality. This makes it a popular piano given its size and tone.


The tallest of upright pianos usually range from 47” to 52” high. Most comparable to a grand pianos, out of all upright pianos.


Baby Grand

On the smaller end of the scale lies the baby grand piano; usually usually 5’ - 5’4”. Popular for small spaces, as a first piano, or when a bigger piano isn’t fiscally possible.

Living Room Grand

Around 5’10” to 6’1 in length. Most commonly found proudly displayed in the living room.

Parlor Grand

The smallest concert grand piano comes in at about 6’2” to 6’9”. While still small enough to fit into almost any home, this piano is perfect for those who wish for a full, rich bass. Also found in smaller recital halls or even recording studios that simply don’t have the size for larger models

Concert Grand

Musical Overkill, nine feet in length or more; this is the piano reserved for the best concerts, symphonies, and educational institutions: possessing enough projective power to reach everyone in a 2000+ seat venue, without microphone.

Medium Grand

At about 5’5” to 5’9”, the medium grand can be seen in households, but more commonly in educational or training settings. Popular with those who want more string length and soundboard surface area than a baby grand, yet cannot fit a small concert grand piano.

Parlor Grand

The smallest concert grand piano comes in at about 6’2” to 6’9”. While still small enough to fit into almost any home, this piano is perfect for those who wish for a full, rich bass. Also found in smaller recital halls or even recording studios that simply don’t have the size for larger models

Music Room Grand

In a large range from 6’10” to 7’10” this piano category is what most people see as the main “Grand Piano”. Found in top recording studios and small to medium concerts, even prominent schools of music; this piano is also used in the homes of many of the best musicians. The usual key length of 22 or so inches allows the pianist superb control compared to smaller models.

We hired the piano movers to move our grand piano from our basement to the living room. They put down blankets on all the carpets and cardboard on our hardwood flooring. It took them less than 15 minutes to bring it up the stairs with 3 movers. They were very friendly and professional and didn’t damage anything. We’re very happy with the whole thing and highly recommend the crew they sent.
— Tim And Jamie, North Vancouver
The last movers I hired we’re inexperienced and damaged the edge of the piano top, it cost $1200 to fix and and I was never reimbursed for the damages. I decided to go with a company that specializes in moving pianos and it’s worth every penny. No damages at all, it wen’t much smoother and the price was actually less than the last one.
— Alan Walker, West Vancouver
I gave my grand piano to my sister who lives in a four story apartment building with no elevator. The crew had no complaints and the four of them rolled it straight up the stairs as easy as pie.
— June Li, Kitsilano
Our movers, tom and dustin were absolutely amazing! They made our piano look as light as a feather, and did a great job throughout the whole move.
— Linda Wright, Coquitlam
We had just bought a new piano so we contacted the Piano Movers to move and donate our old one to charity. They were in and out of our house in 10 minutes with just two movers. They we’re extremely friendly and one of them actually plays piano very well.
— Derrin Hirsch, West Vancouver
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